2021 Best Picks – Online Web Presentation Software

2021 Best Picks – Online Web Presentation Software

Whether you are a teacher, a student, a marketing manager presenting a strategy, or an entrepreneur pitching to an investor, you are going to need to know how to create presentations. Presentations help in making your ideas much easier to grasp. And, getting yourself a high-quality web presentation tool is going to make your life easier. So, how do you get one?

Well, we are glad to be able to help by showing you the best online web presentation software that you can use. Here are our top picks:

Google Slides

This online web presentation tool is a heavy contender among premium presentation software tools. And to think, it’s free! All you need is to sign up for a Google Account, which everyone already has pretty much. For one, it has collaboration capabilities. If you and your groupmates need to work on a report and create a presentation, you can assign parts and give feedback whenever necessary. Cut your work time by using their wide range of templates.

Prezi Basic

Known for its cool transitions and effects, Prezi is going to make your presentations look like they were done by professionals. Using it is pretty different from using Google Slides or Keynote, so it can get confusing at first. But, the good news is tutorials on how to master the use of this app are available online.

LinkedIn SlideShare

Who would have thought LinkedIn is more than a network for recruiters and professionals? It has now widened its scope to sharing powerful and informative slide decks. SlideShare is very user-friendly. And, there are plenty of tutorials online to guide you on how to use this tool.


This is a free web presentation tool for the more creative users, as it was designed with aesthetics in mind. Play around with its cool design tools such as the ability to upload fonts, blend colors, use overlays, and many more. The site offers tutorials if you want to learn more tips and tricks to improve your presentations.


Liven up your presentations with Powtoon because this web presentation tool can animate your ideas instead of basic, slide-based presentations. You can create videos that last up to 3 minutes. The only downside is that your video will have a PowToon watermark after download. You can avail of their Pro+ and Agency plans to access a wide range of other features.


What you will want with this tool is their wide range of beautiful and ready-made templates. All you have to do is encode the information you need. Plus, this tool is very versatile because it designs not only presentations but infographics, charts, and social media graphics as well. Like the other tools mentioned in this list, it has a free and premium version.


This is the web presentation tool for educators because its best feature is its capability to make your presentation more interactive. It’s easy to learn and navigate and plenty of third-party tutorials are available to guide you through making presentations using this tool.

There you go. Web presentation tools for everybody. No more sweat in producing entertaining and informative slide decks. You can use any of these online tools, and you will become a pro at creating powerful presentations.

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