2021 Best Picks – Video Conferencing Platforms

2021 Best Picks – Video Conferencing Platforms

The global pandemic has blown the market for video conferencing tools wide open. But, because the way we do our work today has changed so much, it is normal to be picky with the video conferencing tool that you end up using. Since there are plenty of platforms to choose from, we narrowed down the best ones that you can try for different purposes.


We don’t need any introduction for this app. It is so popular that it has become so synonymous with video calls. It has a wide range of features including screen sharing, live recording, jot boards, chatbox, background filters, and so much more. You can get one for free, but the meetings you set can last for only 40 minutes. So, if you want unlimited minutes for video calls, unlimited cloud storage, 200-participant meetings, and many more features, avail of their enterprise-level plan.

Skype for Business

Skype has updated its features to fit the needs of businesses with plenty of useful features. For one, they allow up to 250 attendees and virtual whiteboarding capabilities. You can use Skype for desktops and mobiles as well.


This one is another favorite of many businesses, because of its easy-to-use collaboration tools. Its video conferencing capability is an included feature of the free version. You can start a Slack call with up to 15 people. If you need to conduct larger meetings, you can get started with their enterprise-level plans.


Now we transition from video calling tools for businesses to video calling tools for online teachers. Apart from the fact that it is an open-source tool, online educators can fully maximize its wide range of features such as audio and video screen sharing, live recordings for playback, break-out rooms, and whiteboard capabilities. It also has an integration with LMS (Learning Management Systems).


This app is most known for its ease of use and accessibility. If you are an online teacher and not all of your students have access to a laptop, you can connect with them using this tool because it is accessible on any device.


Another app that is well-loved because of its accessibility is Whereby. Users do not need to set up an account or log in anywhere in this tool. They simply need to install the app and click on the meeting link, and they are in.


This app is for those looking for a smart video conferencing tool and who don’t mind paying a fee for such features. For $29 a month, you can screen share on any device, have HD quality video conferencing, record meetings and have meetings transcribed, turn chat threads into video calls with a click of a button. With these features, you will be glad to spend $29 a month.

Cisco WebEx

The best feature of this video conferencing tool is its capability to host a meeting with a wide number of participants. It is like when you combine the features of a web conferencing tool and voice calling services.

Google Meet

Another familiar app is the upgraded version of Google Hangouts. What is great about this app is how easy it is to schedule calls and send invites for meetings. You might need to call the G Suites Sales team in order to take full advantage of this app’s other useful features such as unlimited meetings up to 300 hours long, 250 attendees, live-streaming and allowing 100,000 viewers, and 24/7 online support.

Blackboard Collaborate

This one is a top pick for many educators because of how interactive participants can be in using the tool. It is a browser-based web conferencing tool, so anyone with a browser whether on their laptops, tablets, or phones can access these calls. And it also has integrations with a wide variety of learning and course management systems which is a big plus for online educators.

So, there you have it. The best of 2021’s video conferencing tools for every need.

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