4 Grammar Checkers to Quicken your Writing Process

All writers know that the biggest reason why our writing process takes so long is because we worry so much about our grammar and sentence structure and citations. What if there was a tool that can do all of that for you and you can focus on just writing and writing until all of your thoughts are laid out on the paper? Fortunately, there are a lot. And, here are our top picks:

Trinka AI

This grammar and language enhancement tool was developed by linguists, engineers, and data scientists, who all want to create a grammar checker that can be applicable for different types of writing – from simple narrative essays to capstone papers. And, it does more than just check your grammar. This tool ensures you adhere to academic style guides, maintain academic tone, use unbiased language, and write a cohesive discussion.


Its free version gives you access to a spelling and grammar checking tool that displays the number of errors in your writing and generates suggestions for easy correction. Avail their premium version and you can have access to their plagiarism checker as well, which is great for students.


The best feature of this tool is that it gives suggestions to improve the readability of your work. So, you can think of it as a style checker rather than a grammar checker.


If you are more of a creative writer, this grammar checker is for you. It allows you to find and correct not just grammatical errors but linguistic errors as well.

Hopefully, this list helps you make a clearer decision about which grammar checker to use for your paper. And, once you have installed one in, you can go ahead and write to your heart’s content.

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