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Helping You Bridge the Revenue Productivity Gap

Our founder, Chris Kille, found himself in a very common situation for highly driven entrepreneurs and busy executives.

Too much work and not enough time. Correction: too much non-revenue generating work taking up productivity time.

He was getting sidetracked by too many non-revenue generating tasks, pulled in a number of directions by clients, prospects, HR, prospecting, closing deals, onboarding, etc.

So he hired multiple cut-rate VA’s thinking that would help. But he got what he paid for, low-rate performance from cut-rate VA’s, and wasted almost a year of time by going with a cheaper service.

And then he hired an executive assistant. Not just a cut-rate VA, but an assistant who worked virtually but was highly educated, highly skilled, and had experience in the areas he needed help with. Productivity was increased, stress reduced, and he was freed up to do the high-value activities he wanted to do.

After just a few days, he had his light-bulb moment.

He couldn’t be the only busy exec who needed more than just a VA. They needed a concierge-style executive assistant who had the intelligence, know-how, experience, and business acumen to take away the pain of non- to low-revenue tasks so they could focus on money-making, revenue-generating, high-growth, scaling activities.

ELEVATE Outsourcing was created to bridge the revenue productivity gap for busy executives and entrepreneurs.