When to Hire Full-Time Employees and Freelancers

One of the biggest concerns of business owners is the costs of hiring full-time employees. It’s a big drain in their pockets, so considering freelancers is one way they can cut such costs. One thing is for sure though – you cannot hire freelancers for all of the roles in your business. You would still want full-time employees who will be able to see through the most important aspects of your business. So the question now is: which roles can we outsource to freelancers and which ones do we get direct hires for? Perhaps this guide can help:

Hire a Full-time Employee

  • When you need organizational commitment

Freelancers work with their own business in mind – not yours. So to build a solid culture in your business, you need full-time employees whose objectives align with yours and your business.

  • For tasks that need to be consistently monitored and done regularly

Packing your customers’ orders is a task that needs to be constantly monitored and quality checked and is done regularly. So those are workers that you need to hire full-time. Store clerks are another example. You need workers who know the business in and out to fulfill this role. 

Hire a Freelancer 

  • For work that requires an expert’s skill set and requires minimum supervision

There are plenty of functions in a business that require such professional insight and skills, such as bookkeeping, graphic design, IT, to name a few. Hiring freelancers for these roles vs. full-time employees will save you loads of money.

  • For projects or tasks that do not require to be done regularly

The best thing about hiring freelancers is that you need to pay only for the hours that they used to work for your business. So once you are done with a project where you need a freelancer, you can just pay up and cut ties, until you will need that freelancer again.

Still undecided if you’ll hire full-time workers or freelancers? Take advantage of hiring executive assistants who are the best of both worlds through services like Elevate Outsourcing. These services provide you with resources for both full time employees and freelance workers, who are guaranteed to get the job done.

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