Work From Home Essentials

Having all of your work-from-home essentials is one of the many ways you can be efficient. So, if you are new to remote work, this list is for you. Let’s run down some of the must-haves:

Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspots

Having a stable internet connection is vital when you are working from home. So, what do you do if your internet provider suddenly has an outage? The solution is having a reliable mobile hotspot either as a separate hardware or on your phone. There are so many of these mobile hotspots in the market. And, yes, it’s an extra cost, but it’s a solid back-up.

Team Chat Apps

The benefits of having a separate app for all of your work-related conversations are:

(1) you do not need to share your personal social media information. Apps like Slack lets you have free-flowing conversations with co-workers using only your work email.

(2) Most team chat apps have features that allow you to work seamlessly. You can share files, have group chats, pin important messages, set reminders, etc.

Screen Recording Tools

The purpose of screen recording tools have gone beyond just showing your boss what you have been doing so far. It has been useful for communicating feedback or giving instructions as well.

Say you work as a graphic designer and need immediate feedback from your boss. Your boss can record their screen while they give on the spot feedback of your work. You can use this tool to explain your work too.

So, if you struggle with explaining your work or asking questions or giving instructions or feedback, this tool is for you.

Video Conferencing Apps

Sometimes, chats take too long for full-blown conversations to complete. So, you want to have video conferencing apps for video calls where you can communicate with your boss and co-workers without waiting for responses or struggling to articulate your thoughts

Online Office Suites

Gone are the days where employees needed to save their work on a flash drive and print them and then hand them over to their bosses or managers, then you wait until the end of the day for feedback on your work. Today, printing is a thing of the past.

Google and Microsoft have office suites that can be accessed online. As soon as you finish typing your document or filling out your spreadsheet, Google or Microsoft automatically saves the documents for you. And, if your boss needs your documents, simply send them a link.

It can’t get more efficient than that.

Project Management Software

If you need a calendar, to-do list, and a collaboration tool all in one place, get a project management software. Right now, a plethora of project management software is available for you and your co-workers to use. This tool allows you to organize and schedule all of your tasks.

And most project management softwares have collaboration features, where you can assign tasks to co-workers, monitor their progress, and give feedback on their work. Or, vice versa. You assign your boss to come take a look at your work. You can even give them a deadline.

Focus Apps

Distractions are everywhere , even more so at home where you are comfortable. But, you have to still get your things done. So, how do you avoid getting distracted? By getting website blockers. So, whenever you are in the middle of work and you feel the urge to check your social media or your email, these website blockers will block you from accessing them.

There are some website blocking apps or plug-ins that lets you set the time for when you can access a certain site. After your time limit is up, the site closes and you have no choice but to get back to work.

Security Tools

Don’t let viruses get in the way of your productivity. Get yourself a file and disk encryption to protect sensitive files on your hard drive. Always backup your files, so in case you lose them, you always have your backup to save you. Get a password manager to protect your passwords if you are like everyone who hates changing their passwords and always forgetting them when they do. Use VPNs to secure your files from hackers for when you are sending or receiving them.

And, there you go. Eight essential work-from-home tools that will make your life easier.


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